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Some Exciting News!

As a certified Pro Dog Trainer I am excited to share the news that the doors to the Absolute Dogs Training Academy are officially open! Doors close on the 28th October 2020 at midnight UK time so be quick and make sure you don't miss this amazing opportunity.  

The Training Academy is the online home of the Gamechangers – it’s where Tom & Lauren share their weekly games and live streams to get the most in relationship, focus, play and understanding with our dogs! The Gamechangers are a community of owners and trainers that believe in getting great results with their dogs through inspiration rather than force and intimidation. It’s made up of all types of people, dogs, breeds and jobs (from first time dog owners to sports competitors to service dog trainers) – everyone united by a belief that everything is possible with GAMES!

The Training Academy gives you the tools to home school your dog and have a lot of fun in the process.

How it works? 

1. A new game is added each week building into an awesome library of FUN! 

2. Dive in at any point – never feel you are “left behind” celebrate your own journey as unique! 

3. Search for games based on your specific struggles and skyrocket your progress. 

4. Join the existing knowledgeable community of dog owners – whatever your situation I can guarantee that our #gamechangers will support you in the exclusive Facebook group. 

What you get? 

1. A new game released each week into the brand new online platform 

2. Weekly #10in10 – ask Tom and Lauren your questions LIVE 

3. Hot Topic Bonuses – Webinar recordings, Mini courses and e-Books! 

4. One of a kind – special, positive online Facebook community... A safe space for dog owners.